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At TTC we partner with a select number of packaging manufacturers to provide a full range high quality validated and pre-qualified cold-chain packaging solutions on a worldwide basis. Part of the assistance we provide to the clinical trials industry is our ability to provide this quality packaging for frozen, refrigerated and ambient samples along with the accompanying refrigerant practically anywhere in the world.

TTC Packaging Systems are designed and tested to the most rigorous high performance temperature profiles and meet all IATA perishable goods and USP1079 standards. We ensure that our packaging systems meet all the applicable performance requirements of the UN, ICAO, IATA.

We have a comprehensive range of off the shelf user- friendly products that carefully take into consideration how samples are collated, packed, handled and received. TTC’s main focus is on creating bespoke compliant packaging solutions for clients. This is created through combining various components together, to meet a specific consistent temperature for a set duration i.e. 48hrs/72hrs through varying outside temperatures endured through transportation.

TTC really cares about their client’s needs and go the extra mile to create packaging solutions to meet each individual’s requirements.

TTC offers a wealth of experience in designing and supplying kits to meet specific content and handling requirements and can distribute to testing sites worldwide through our distribution centres. TTC’s clinical trial support services also include dry ice fulfilment; Validation packaging which are design and validation for the temperature control sample storage

Below are few of the most common cold chain packaging materials used in Biopharm logistic and all available to you through TTC:
Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)
Polyurethane (PUR)
Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIP)
RKN containers
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